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Weatherby Energy is a privately owned independent oil and gas operator, with our corporate office in Seguin, Texas. We have worked hard to build over 60 years of combined expertise and experience whose purpose is to discover, drill, service and develop low-cost, high return, oil and gas production. Our founders have drilled hundreds of wells and currently manage and operate 250+ wells and over 20,000 acres of leases throughout Texas, Utah, Illinois, and Indiana. Weatherby Energy is committed to providing traditional values, open communication, and trustworthy work ethic.

Why Weatherby Energy?

Experience matters most when considering Oil and Gas operators. Weatherby Energy utilizes three generations and over 60 years of combined experience along with cutting edge oil field technology to tap into the most energy prolific resources we have in America today. Weatherby Energy is committed to providing the best oilfield extraction methods in the industry for our partners, ourselves and to help maintain America’s energy independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of ways to invest in oil and gas including buying stock directly in an oil and gas company, oil and gas mutual funds, commodity trading, and investing directly with independent oil and gas operator like Weatherby Energy.

There are risks associated with all investments, and investing in oil and gas is no different. Investors need to be able to bear the total loss of oil and gas investments if the well is a dry hole. At Weatherby Energy, we use the current (time-tested), Geologic, Drilling and Completion technologies. By studying other company’s successful procedures and criteria in the area, Weatherby Energy uses those methods to prevent a dry hole and the total loss of a participant’s investment. However, the total loss of a participant’s Drilling & Testing investment is always a possibility. Please fill out the contact form for more information on the risk associated with drilling and oil/gas investments.

Typically investors will be able to write-off the intangible drilling costs the first year which equates to about 70-80% of the initial investment. The remaining balance will be depreciated over the next seven years. Weatherby Energy is considered a small producer which allows a small portion of the production to be tax free.

After the well is completed and production begins, you can expect to see checks in 60-90 days. Return of initial investment can occur in as little as 6-12 months.

You should consider making oil and gas a long-term investment spread out over a number of wells and projects. We suggest when you make your first investment you plan to do three projects to spread your risk. Not every well will hit or be equally productive and by planning to do at least three or four projects you increase the chances of having a successful oil and gas investment. We rarely suggest investing in a single well project.

Distributions are paid monthly for the life of all wells in the program.

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