It was the expertise of many from which the power of one was borne.

At Weatherby Energy, our roots run deep. With our directors’ combined industry experience of over 175 years, you can rest assured your oil and gas investment shall be under the finest stewardship.

Upon having spent decades independently prospecting, operating, and managing hydrocarbons throughout the North American mid-continent region, CEO Richard Gouin had a vision to consolidate the expertise of key industry veterans. By dovetailing the knowledge base of these individuals, Mr. Gouin was well on his way to assembling a market leader. Now Mr. Gouin’s vision has evolved into reality. A reality which includes the likes of renowned industry expert Dr. Henry Chrichlow, geologist Gordon Johnson, veteran petroleum engineer Wilbur Wood, and a management team led by Jason D Garner.

We proudly encourage you to read the following biographical details of the leading members who make up Weatherby Energy, and look forward to demonstrating our tireless commitment towards industry leading performance.

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Richard H. Gouin

Founding Member

Richard Gouin was born in the heart of the “oil patch”. As a third generation member of the oil and gas business, Richard has participated in nearly every capacity of the industry. He studied the industry at the leading petroleum school, The University of Oklahoma.

Since the inception of Weatherby in 1975, Richard has drilled, completed and managed several hundred producing oil and gas wells throughout the mid continent and Rocky Mountain regions.

In 1984, Richard developed an industry-leading break through of a highly specialized down-hole pumping system to handle heavy oil. Richard has provided technical consulting to firms such as Standard Resources, Sohio Petrolium, Getty Natural Gas Corp.

Richard’s comprehensive knowledge has been honed out of the 40 years in the industry. With a proven track record of geological research, log evaluation, and prospect generation.


Jason D. Garner

President, Managing Member

With a pedigree in civil engineering and degrees in management, Mr. Garner was tapped to manage the complex logistical and regulatory demands of the industry. Along with bringing his “full speed ahead” management approach, Mr. Garner melded his productive oil and gas assets into Weatherby as well. Mr. Garner exemplifies the “can do approach” expected by every Weatherby team member, as his engineering background has taught him there are solutions to every challenge.

As the founder and owner of MPG Energy, Mr. Garner has honed his skill of navigating the complex set of regulatory requirements set forth by the industry. MPG Energy’s assets such as the Kim #1 well, Garvin County, OK, have been absorbed by Weatherby Energy, as part of Mr. Garner’s arrival to the team.


Wilbur A. Wood

Oilman, Weatherby Energy Board of Directors
Special Advisor to the CEO

Mr. Wood defines the image of the no-nonsense Texas oilman. His invaluable field experience and seemingly endless list of industry contacts provides the firm with one of the finest men out in the field. As the owner of the Bain field, Wilbur has incorporated his proven reserves along with his in- valuable skill set into the Weatherby team.

Mr. Wood has over 50 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and does consulting work for numerous oil and gas companies, responsible for the drilling and completing of over 2000 wells. Concurrently held the position of production supervisor in charge of reworking wells throughout the United States. Mr. Wood is currently the vice president, chief of operations, and the owner for Bain Production, L.P. in conjunction with Weatherby Energy, LLC.

Dr Henry

Dr. Henry Crichlow

Ph.D, P.E, Registered Professional Engineer
Weatherby Energy, Board of Directors

As a highly acclaimed industry expert, Dr. Crichlow provides a critical role in the assessment of the prospects. His petroleum engineering analysis has proven invaluable to Weatherby Energy‘s prospect selection process. Dr. Crichlow performs many of the integral calculations required to ascertain the value of potential prospects. His expertise also serves as an in- strumental role is the firm’s ability to achieve maximum efficiency towards hydrocarbon production.

Dr. Henry Crichlow is a recognized expert in Petroleum and Energy Engineering. Dr. Crichlow has been employed by major oil companies, MOBIL and TEXACO as an engineer and also performed consultant engineering analyses for major oil conglomerates and institutions including, MOBIL, TEXACO, KERR McGEE, UNION, the WORLD BANK and the FDIC (USA). He has advised some of the largest international oil companies like PEMEX, KUWAIT OIL, YPFB, and PETROPERU in multibillion-dollar projects.

He is a Registered Professional Engineer with a Ph.D., from STANFORD UNIVERSITY; he also has M.Sc degrees from the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA and B.Sc degree from COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES, all in engineering. Dr. Crichlow was a Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Head of the Departments of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Geological Engineer- ing at the University of Oklahoma, one of the premier Petroleum Universities in the world. He holds several patents and publications in engineering and the Internet. He is CEO of EnergyPower Inc. an Energy Services Corporation, UNIGAS a gas storage utility company and President of HBC Registered Engineers, a consulting company that operates in USA, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

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Gordon H. Johnson

Geological Consultant, Weatherby Energy Board of Directors

Mr. Johnson exemplifies who a true life- long oil industry veteran is. Having continued the family history in the industry with another chapter in the 1960s. Gordon could have “rewritten the book” by now. He provides a critical role in real time decision making with his expertise in seismic analysis and geophysical interpretation, Mr. Johnson employs his craft as Weatherby Energy’s geologist, a truly intrinsic role.

As a third-generation oilman, Mr. Johnson has decades of experience in oil and gas development. He has worked for Conoco, Pennzoil, and Mitchell Energy (among others), where he received ex¬perience in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, and Louisiana. In 1972, he became an independent oil operator. During his career he has been responsible for generating geological prospects, acquiring oil and gas leases and producing properties, generating drilling funds, supervising the drilling and completion of numerous oil and gas wells, and coordinating several mergers.

From 2004 to the present, Mr. Johnson has been chairman of Omni Oil and Gas, Inc. and president of Venture Oil & Gas, Inc. Mr. Johnson attended the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, majoring in geology and petroleum land management. He is a member of Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners (TIPRO), the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA), and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

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