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Invest in Oil and Gas Interests Using a Self-Directed IRA!

Rusty earth oil pumpA self-directed IRA gives you the freedom to invest in non-traditional assets,  such as oil and gas projects.

Through a self-directed IRA  investors have the freedom to invest in oil and  gas and to be connected to the dynamic, ever-changing world of energy.

Technological advances in drilling have opened up future oil and gas  reserves. These newly opened reserves have values worth billions of dollars. As a result, the United States oil and gas  industry is experiencing unprecedented production growth. Those who find the potential reward of an oil and gas investment appealing may self-direct their IRA investment tax free by working with an IRA administrator such as AdvantaIRA Trust. After an investor chooses their investment, Advanta IRA (the administrator) can help to initiate and service the investment. The investor simply locates the oil and gas investment and submits a purchase authorization letter to Advanta IRA to make legal investments on behalf of the IRA. Through self-directed IRAs, investors may find the freedom to participate in these uniquely American assets. Read More Here… 

Click here to Download:Oil & Gas IRA Made Easy

Important Rules for Investing in Oil and Gas Royalties Using a Self-Directed IRA

1. Title to Assets: When you purchase oil and gas royalties in a retirement account, the assets will be titled in the name of the IRA administrator. So all titling will read “AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC. FBO (client’s name) (client’s IRA number)

2. Percentage Ownership: Oil and gas royalties may be purchased 100 percent by the IRA or just as a percent interest.

3. You can NOT buy/sell your oil and gas royalties to/from a disqualified person. Disqualified persons include all lineal ascendants and descendants. This includes yourself, your spouse, your grandkids, your parents, your grandparents.

4. Oil and Gas Royalty Income: All income (royalty income) must go back into your IRA.

How to Start Investing in Oil and Gas Royalties With an Advanta Self-Directed IRA. 

1. Open an Account at AdvantaIRA(Click Here To Fill Out An Application and To See A Fee Schedule)

2. Fund the Accountby making a contribution, transfer, or rollover. (Click Here To Fill Out a Rollover Form– This is if you are moving money from a 401k to an IRA) (Click Here To Fill Out a Transfer Form– This is if you are moving money from an IRA to a new IRA) (Click Here to Read the Contribution Limits)

3. Identify the royalty you wish to purchase with your IRA. Title of buyer on the contract should be listed as “AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC. FBO (Your Name) (Your IRA #)

4. Complete a Buy Direction Letter Provided by AdvantaIRA. This lets AdvantaIRA know that you have found the royalty you wish to invest in. (Click Here To FIll Out A Buy Direction Letter)

5. Ensure that all income pertaining to the royalty investment goes back into the IRA. You now own the royalty in your self-directed IRA!


AdvantaIRA Contact Person

Please send all applications/forms to the below contact person. She will also be your AdvantaIRA contact if you have any questions!  

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