Our History in Oil & Gas runs deep, Oil has been the family business since 1916.


Walter Francis (Frank) Gouin


Soon after he received his geology degree in 1912, Frank Gouin joined the Empire Gas and Fuel Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma — and the future of the Gouin Family was born.

After a brief stint of service in WWI, Frank came back to what he loved best — geology — and chose to locate in Duncan, Oklahoma. As he explained it, “The company wanted to know where a good place might be to set up our geological headquarters, and Duncan is centrally located between two mountain ranges.” By the 1930s he was neck-deep in the business, and would stay happily ensconced in it over the course of the following five decades.

Frank would go on to be recognized as a gutsy man with boundless energy who proceeded to make a name not only for himself and other petroleum engineers but for the town of Duncan itself. The winner of multitude of distinguished commendations from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, this oil industry pioneer established a scholarship fund at the University of Oklahoma to enable others to pursue the study of geology as well. With a firm foundation built by Frank, we at Weatherby continue this brand of stewardship as we work to meet America’s energy needs for generations to come.


Frank L. Gouin

(1927 – 2010)

Following in the steps of his father, Walter Frank Gouin, Frank L. Gouin obtained his training in the school of petroleum geology at the University of Oklahoma and became an independent petroleum geologist and oil producer in the Duncan area from the early 1950s on. Frank L., a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for over 50 years, was also an expert in the Southern Oklahoma and North Texas oil fields and was credited for many discoveries throughout the region.

After his father’s death, he took over the reins of the family business and expanded it with his own properties and production, drilling and completing hundreds of wells. Not only an exploration geologist, he developed particular expertise in the manhy areas of secondary recovery operations, among them water flooding and producing heavy crude oil — leading to his self-label as a “Light Producer of Heavy Crude.” That saying summed him up so well it’s even inscribed on his headstone!

Like Frank senior, Frank L. built his father’s expert management, with the result that the family business is still reaping the benefits of some Walter Franks original discoveries of the 1920s. This has carried on to a third generation, with Frank’s son, Richard.

The two Frank Gouin’s of the Oklahoma Oil Patch are credited in finding millions of barrels of crude oil throughout their carriers. This also includes the initial discovery of the Tatum Oil Field as well as numerous other discoveries throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

The Gouin Family in the Field

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